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Tori Lloyd, also known as Pink Tori, is an insanely amazing person. Her first two years of TIP were at ASU term 2 while her last two were done at UGA due to the campus switch. Tori is well known for being stalked by a certain second year during her fourth year. Tori was very active in Tip all four years she attended. She participated in the annual talent show every year except for her third year. She was also involved in several tiplationships. During her first year she was a member of TMMFC (The Monopoly Man Fan Club) with several members of her RAG. The mascot for this club was Marcus the Llama who is looked after by Audrey Rienish. Tori and her best friend, Madeline welsh , carry on a tradition started their second year. Tori owns a green hippo named Tubby and Madeline owns a penguin named Asparagus (named by Tori). The animals are said to be lovers. So in order to preserve their friendship and the love shared by their stuffed animals Tori and Madeline trade off the lovers whenever the two girls have a post tip interaction.

Tori was one of the cooler fourth years at UGA term two during the summer of 2010, and will likely be remembered as such.

Year TIPyear Campus Term Class Dorm
2007 1rst ASU II Wonderland to Hogwarts Cone
2008 2nd ASU II Appalachian Tales Hoey
2009 3rd UGA II Philosophy Rutherford
2010 4th UGA II Sport's Medicine Myers