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Tractors became infamous after a certain member of International Relations (Davidson) Term II '06 felt the need to compare gay marriage to marrying tractors. This unfortunate student soon found out, to his great regret, that he was the only two conservatives in a class of 16 liberals who vowed to never, never, never let him live it down. This led to a number of non-TIPropriate jokes concerning tractor sex, sexy tractors, etc.

This student was ultimately vindicated. His views were adopted in the end by the rest of the liberal class. They realized that their views were misinformed. And the student rose to legend status. Tractors became a viable argument. He laughed it all off. Unfortunately, it came back to haunt him when he made a statement about social parasites which was not well received.

Just kidding. The student was shunned and despised forever.

Especially after 2015 we are better than that.

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