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The Trans Tyrant(s) is a tradition of Duke East Term 2 which advocates and supports transgender and gender non-conforming tipsters at the term. The relic itself is both the title and a lovely trans flag. Informally started during Term 2 of Duke East 2017 by Micah Reisner, it was passed to Alice Clauss, who became a co-Trans Tyrant with her two roommates, Ethan Zhao and Kate Hirschfeld for Term 2 of Duke East 2018. Together, they began to officiate the tradition (by writing on the flag of the Trans Tyrant and leaving a small note). The Trans Tyrants of 2018 selected Finn Buecker to continue on in 2019 and finally make it official! (They'll do great!)(Thank you!)

Role of the Trans Tyrant

The Trans Tyrant helps support transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming tipsters by helping spread information on how to request special rooming accommodations, usage of their preferred name while they're at TIP, and passes the flag to all who desire it at dances. The Tyrant is there to help support the mental health needs of genderqueer and questioning tipsters, and they will always be a listening ear as well(so please know you can talk to them!). They also help with hosting the Gay Brunch on the second Sunday morning of the term.

Trans Tyrants