Kate Hirschfeld

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Year Year at TiP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate RelationTIP
2015 1st Davidson II Psychology Belk Austin Hattori Macafie Bobo N/A
2016 2nd Duke East II Criminal Minds Bassett Ellison Hersch Ryley Menges Micah Reisner
2017 3rd Duke East II Philosophy of Time Bassett Caroline Sasha Micah Reisner


"what a hottie" - evy stumpff

"really gross, don't ever date her" - micah

"a pretty cool gal" - flannery

"10/10 would succ" - ethan

Kate Hirschfeld
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Campus(es) Davidson, Duke East
Attended 2015-17
Course(s) Psychology, Criminal Minds. Philosophy of Time
RAG(s) Lorna, Ellison, Caroline
Roommate(s) Macffie, Ryley Menges, Sasha
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