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TRUMAN was a second-year at Duke West Term II 2009. His British status could be seen from both his very foreign sounding name and his amazing ability to speak in an English accent (about 60.0% of the time).

Experts have reported accounts of his ranting about Pakistanis taking over. Further invegetations were made (by members of the Blob), in which it was discovered that he hates vegetarians. However, he amended this remark with the idea that vegetarians were in fact causing global warming because they were eating the rainforests. Truman also notably smells like the combination of quadfest and cheese puffs... and members of his rag revealed that he did not shower very often. (there was only one confirmed incidence of unscented goodness wafting from him after the first week.) It is also noted that he hates Mexico and all Mexicans. This is why his RAG jokingly voted him most likely to retire and move to Mexico.

Truman is not a color.

He left after the second week because he hated everyone. On December 21st, 2012, he will return...