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There are many traditions at the UGA campus (some vary by Term), including Dawgfest, spirit week, TiPScync, 4th year wills, Talent Show, TiP King, TiP Moses, and TiP Jester.

Every year at Term 1, there are three positions that are taken up by 4th years, and then are passed down in the 4th year wills to third years. These positions are TIP Moses, TIP Jester, and TIP Squid King. These positions are referred to as the trinity of roles at UGA. There were originally also the position of Tip King & TIP Queen (Otherwise known as Monarch) and TIP Mom, but these have since been discontinued. The position of Dogtag manager is not part of the Trinity.

TiP Jester

This role is given to the genuine "class clown." The Jester is someone who goes above and beyond to make themselves and others look goofy. The most deticated Jester I can think of is Zeke Streetman, whose 4th year RC group ALL (with the exception of Morstin) dressed up in Hawaiian button down shirts on twin day - all 11 of which were owned and brought to camp by Zeke himself.

  • For the first time in UGA history, in 2013 Zeke gave the position of Jester to a 2nd year, Skyler Baxter. It is unknown what he wil do when it comes time to pass it down in the summer of 2014.

2018v- Emma Hay

2017 - Kolton Carlson

2016- Mikey Holland

2015- Jagger Shuler (Unable to attend; replaced by Addy Miller)

2014 - Skyler Baxter (given to as a 2nd year)- Skyler did not return so the role was voted upon by the fourth years and given to Jake Garrison.

2013 - Zeke Streetman

2012 - Roman Mina

2011 -

2010 -

2009 -

TiP Moses

This role is given to the TIPSter who shows his most genuine love for TIP and it's traditions. When the position is given to the 3rd year, the old Moses gives the new Moses the traditional Staff and TIP Comandments, which have been passed down through all Moseses.

  • In 2013 the pass down of the staff and commandments were low-key because Sealth had to give them to Jared early in the morning, as Sealth had just gotten kicked out of TIP, and was supposed to stay in his room until his parents picked him up.

2018 - Lucy Bowling

2017 - Mary Elizabeth Marquardt

2016- Dylan Clyne

2015- Rhys Switzer

2014 - Jared Sterling

2013 - Sealth Womack

2012 - Caleb Hall

2011 - Dillon McDermott

TiP Monarch (Discontinued)

This role is given to the TiPster that is best fit to guide the other TiPsters. The monarch is usually loud, motivated, and truly in love with TiP. It was previously TiP King but the name was changed so that the role can be filled by a person of any gender as long as they are fitting for the position. The TiP Monarch may also go by King or Queen if they happen to identify as girl or boy. The title heirloom is a beard.

The title's name was changed from King to Monarch by the 2014 term one fourth years.

The title of TiP Monarch was discontinued by 2015 term one fourth years.

2015- Cannon Haworth (did not return to TiP, so the position was discontinued but Bailee Hayden was seen as the "unofficial" monarch)

2014- Margaret Elam (Changed to Monarch)

2014- Patrick Crowley (was not able to attend)

2013- Josh Bielenberg

Squid King

Find more information on the squid king on the Squid King page.

The Squid King's job is to keep spirits high along with the jester, but their biggest role is to make as many people happy as they can on check out day.

2018- Katie Russell

2017 - Ethan Wedge

2016 - Zachary Amerson

2014-15 - Jay Godfrey

2013 - Zeke Streetman


This role is given to a TIPster with extreme responsibility who is able to get in contact with all the other TIPsters and order the well-loved dogtags.

More on Dogtags can be found on the Dogtags page. This includes instructions to guide you through how to do dogtags easily!

2017- Mary Elizabeth Marquardt

2016- Hadley Gilpatrick

2015- Bailee Hayden

2014- Margaret Elam

2013- Quinn Middleton

2012- Kelly Pierce