Union roof

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The roof of the Union is quite easy to access, though one does run the risk of being sent home if discovered.

We found it easiest access the roof during the final dance of the term, while everyone's attention was turned to Don McLean. First, enter the student union. Climb the stairs to your left, where you'll find a window beside the doors to a dance studio sometimes used on rainy Saturday nights to house TIP dances. Climb out the window. It is advisable to leave a sentry at the window who can also be in charge of closing the window while you're on the roof and opening it again to let you in. Ours claimed to have a headache when a staff member came upstairs to ask why she wasn't outside. Worked like a charm. Outside the window and to your left is a ladder. Climb it. Cross that roof section. Use the air conditioning unit as a step, and climb over the low wall. Stay low near the front of the building, because people below on the can and will see you. But there might be nothing cooler than an aerial view of American Pie, as performed by Term II TIPsters.
—Jessie "Skippy" Tanner, 4-3-1, 2005