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My email address is, please email me with any issues.

About me

Thanks to User:Steph for this section

Anthony is a TIPster from St. Louis whom currently hosts and runs TIPwiki. He never knew the original Timmy, creator of the site, but still e-mailed him out of the blue and offered to run the wiki for him. This was a wonderful turn of events, as Timmy was hosting TIPwiki on his computer, and everytime his computer was down, so was the Wiki.

Now that you know how Anthony came to run the Wiki, you should know some things about him. He is a brilliant programmer (as was proven through his work in the Java class East II '06), but even more than that, he is an interesting and wonderful friend. He's easy to spot in a crowd too, because he's tall and slim (I know, sounds just like every TIP boy, but wait for it), and he has short, flaming red hair. All and all, he's quite good-looking, though he seems a bit shy, much to the dismay of several TIP girls this past summer.

Also, Anthony is a living god to many because of his brilliant performance of John Cage's 4'33" at the East Term II talent show in 2006. At the end of his act, nearly all TIPsters present (male and female) wanted to have his children.