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Credits for writing this to Betsy

Sophia was part of the tofus RC group and did creative writing. She was deeply loved and appreciated by everyone who came into contact with and had a beautiful beach aesthetic.

She played Trump in her creative writing play (10/10 better than the actual one). This playing of Trump later sprouted the cult, DDC (Donald Duck Cult). She married Geoffrey The Squishy Cow on one of the last days (they were later torn apart by Heesoo). But she, and I quote, “still loved that cow”. She came up with the nickname for John: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. She also came with a song for their TA Kay P:

“I’m Kay Pounyers I like children. Do you want a hug? Hug? Hug? I am happy, I like ‘Ol Miss. I always give free candy out.”

(Whether or not this accurate to him is left to be determined). She sang Hamilton a lot as well. She, Kayli, and Betsy all came up with the popular nickname Motif for their friend Monil. She also shipped him with classmate and friend, Donut (AKA Madison). On the last day she put a piece of tape over Motif’s eyebrows that said “I’m egotistical”

The other notable thing she did is come up with the nicknames for her instructor (Ms. Em) and TA (Kay P) along with fellow classmate and friend, Betsy: Ms. Em: Emiliano DeLa Rosa Yin Kay P: Kay Pounyers Hernandez Alejandro Chang

She always planned to get up early and run but never did (she never liked it according to her) and was never in class. She was on of the OGs in the med bus.

All of this is very accurate because I (Betsy) am writing this while on call with her.