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A Summary

An immortal TIP legend, the Wonderhogs were, in short, the Wonderland to Hogwarts class at Davidson Term 1 2004. Under the instruction of Laura Mayo (Laura Condiments or Condiment Woman) and TA Jeremy Axelrod (Jeremy Carparts), this class explored children's fantasy literature.

Reading "Ender's Game" on the top floor of a nearby coffee shop, discussing populist allegories in "The Wizard of Oz', exploring archetypes in "The Hobbit", the poem of the day (one of which was about a man standing on his head before dying), and learning about the odd private life of Lewis Carroll were among the highlights of the curriculum. Evening study typically entailed improvisational skits, though, in retrospect, no-one is sure why. The class also enjoyed witnessing Jeremy hit on other TAs during this time - a successful evening meant that Jeremy would not show up for class the next day until 11:00.

The class initially met each morning at the lamppost affectionately known as Crookshanks, but unfortunately science nerds stole the site, and the class's new meeting spot became Gnarf, a very large oak tree. Any class that stood up to the Wonderhogs could expect retribution. The Wonderhogs often "swarmed" other classes that had inferior class spirit, and their joke, a "satire on existentialism", intimidated everyone except Natalie's mother, who believed it was really more related to 20th century Dadaism. Sigh.

Though the Wonderhogs only shared the same class for one term, many of the members have returned to Duke East every year since. Wonderhogs Jeffrey, Tali, Monique, Vinegar, , and Natalie are still more or less inseparable. Many other friends have joined them and become "honorary Wonderhogs". Therefore, although the class is superannuated, the Wonderhog spirit is and always will be as strong as that first summer at TIP in 2004.

Original Wonderhogs

  • Tali
  • Monique
  • Jeffrey
  • Natalie
  • Rebecca
  • Lee Anne
  • Leslie
  • Rachelle
  • Lewis
  • Rye (whose incredible drawing skills live on as the Davidson Term I '05 Termbook cover)
  • Emma (whose Daffy Duck the Wonderhogs still mourn)
  • Kelsey
  • Adriana
  • Mitchell (not Mark)
  • Tea (who liked weapons, a lot)
  • Arka (who liked to talk, a lot)

A cucumber and a tomato are in a bathtub. And the cucumber leans over to the tomato and says, "Hi."


Even though the 2004 class of Wonderhogs might have been good, the 2006 Davidson term 1 class is awesomely greatly superfradgilisticsexpialodociously amazing. We are so great that we started a band (the wonderhogs Jam Band), a game (Wonderbee), a road (The Chalk Walk), and many more. We even started a website (freewebs.com/wonderhogs), a forum (wonderhogs.proboards50.com) and are constantly in contact. For more info, visit those sites.

More Wonderhogs

Term I 2007 and 2009 at ASU also had a Wonderhog class, and everyone knew it. This was because every day in 2007, whenever the Wonderhogs were heading back to their classroom, (at the end of breaks, after breakfast, before Evening Study, et ceterea), One Wonderhog, Jared, would announce their presence with a resounding "WWWOOONDERRRHOOOOGS!!!!" they are responsible for such phrases as:

  • Wakachuda (a cardboard box with 'Wakachuda' written on it, which was found in a Geology classroom in 2008)
  • Go to Hellsing


  • Daddy's gone mad.

A particularly enjoyable experience is their mock trials based on the books. For instance, they had mock trial for Harry Potter, to discuss whther or not he ought to be punsihed for breaking the rules. An RC with a Harry Potter robe played the part of Harry, and the students were other characters. One Wonderhogs, Danny, played his part a bit too well, and wrote "VERNON" an a piece of paper, which he then tied to his face using his shoelace. He also made another piece of paper into a mustache. Several times, during Term II, the class quoted lines from Charlie the Unicorn, often imitating the high and vaguely disturbing voices of the blue unicorn that goes "Candy Mountain! Come with us, Charlieeeeeee!"

Other such notable instance include Jared wearing a large afro wig (to be Aslan), "Pryomaniac Anderson" (from Hellsing) and Lauren being a dinosaur.

  • ASU Term Two 2007 had a memorable Wonderhogs class because they changed the name of their TA 'Jay' to Martha and he was then called Martha all term and kept the name when he became the Creative Writing instructor at ASU 2008.

Term II ASU 2008 had Wonderhogs under KC (Kirsten Clemens) and the TA Sarah. It was an amazing class and well taught. There were jokes about Sarah's eyes (one eye moved independently of the other, it was creepy). KC did not believe in giving 5's, though, since she considered 5 to be perfect, which really sucked. On the plus side, she allowed us to go to the coffeeshop, the library, and other places to read during the morning half.

Most common phrase: "We are the Wonderhogs. Our capes, wands, and wings are on back order."

In the 2009 class, everyday after breakfast the Wonderhogs would gather around one sad Roman and begin a chant that ended up with everyone punching Roman.