Yoshi's Youngsters

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Yoshi's Youngsters, also known as the Inspired Writers (if you want to get technical) (we don't), are a group of students from Rice Term 2 2016. They are better known as the Inspired Writers to TiP Staff and students unfamiliar with their shenanigans. This group lives vicariously through a group chat on the app GroupMe, and they are notorious for getting into hilarious circumstances. (Everyone look at the Great Desk Incident of 2016).

This group consists of: Reid, Morgan, Mia, Fox, McKenzie, Emily, Amy, Jayla, Madison, Ethan, Sadie, Alissa, Reece, and Sierra. Also seen are their faithful teachers, Kenan and Em.

Known For

Reid Mansur: teaching our instructor memes and Tiebel the Marmot

Morgan Gage: reader response theory and summoning Voldemort in her free time

Mia Manness: the Great Desk Incident of 2016 and Logan, our fateful hero

Fox Walker: sass, class, and trying to tan in the fifteen minutes we had during break

McKenzie Morgan: borrowing Mia's jacket and writing awesome things

Emily Truong: Yoshi, our namesake and musical singing

Amy : the best jokes and fashion sense

Jayla Ware: flawless rough drafts and playlists

Madison Wiser: "ledge" and winning at poems without the word love in them

Ethan: Marxism ('nough said) and sarcasm

Sadie: dragons and mischief

Alissa: being "the mom friend" and always having kind words to say


Sierra Longoria: being able to make anyone happy, ever, and flawless everything

Kenan Kerr: being the best instructor ever and the 'tag yourself' meme

Em Ramser: being the chillest and kindest TA ever and the Yoshi's Youngsters artist