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The Zentourage was one of the three "rival" groups at West Term 2 2019. You probably recognize them from being obnoxious at the dance with flashing rings on their fingers or always sitting at the top right on the fourth floor, at the exact opposite end of the Boston Tea Party. Zack Owens a member of the group created the hit sensation Thine Own Hope Groweth Thy Fear and started an obsession with China Anne Mclaine following his tipsync performace as her with the rest of Charles rag. Louisa a fellow member also sang Boomerang at the Talent Show with the rest of the zentourage back up dancing. You can keep up with the zentourage's wacky adventures on their instagram account @zentourageofficial.

Thine Own Hope

Zack's fanfiction following the adventures of term 2 as they faced against galgaboath, god of chaos and destruction. A full length trailer was made for the project, and it is rumored a sequel to thine own hope is coming out soon. All of the zentourage played a key part in the creation of the mythic tale, and its infamy even grew to the point where multiple jokes about it were in TNN (the doctor doctor replacement after term 1 got it banned at west).

OG Members

  • Amelia Hatley
  • Bobby Peters
  • Daboh Ahn
  • Emmett Campell
  • Evyn Kent
  • Jessie Zhao
  • Kristin Hsu
  • Laura Kidwell
  • Lindsey Hagg
  • Louisa McDaniel
  • Maddie Lampert
  • Meir Schochet
  • Sam Mendenhall
  • Sophie Brondos
  • Zack Owens