3rd Floor Evacuation

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The 3rd floor evacuation was an event that took place on the evening of the fall of the legendary 11. Not many details are known, but it is believed to have been due to a panic attack of one of the campers.

This article is not meant in any way to be insulting to the panicked camper. If you, the reader, have more details, please add to this, but be respectful of anyone you may mention.

Additional Details: Essentially what happened (As far as I know, which is admittedly little) was, as tensions were running uber-high on the night of The Fall, one of the members of a third-floor RC Group was getting fed up with the lack of clarity and the loss of his RC. It was reported that the TIPster (Who I shall not name here, out of respect for the privacy of said TIPster- if he wishes to put his name here, he is free to do so-but I ask that no one else insert his name.) and his fellow RC groupers were extremely close to their RC (Who I also shall not name for above reasons. See The Legendary 11 for details of why he shall not be named.) and were devastated by his disappearance. All of the surrounding and internal confusion, stress, and opacity of what was going on evidently resulted in the TIPster suffering the panic attack, which resulted in a temporary state of anger, panic, and a loud expression of it. The remaining staff thus temporarily evacuated the 3rd floor of Collins Hall until he calmed down. He eventually did return to normal stress levels (Or, as normal as anyone could be in the chaos of The Fall) and did not suffer any further panic attacks that is known at this time.

Again, no insult or breach of privacy was intended, and all information is simply for an accurate recordings of events.