The Legendary 11

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The Legendary 11 are the RCs who disappeared in The Fall of Wake Forest Term 1, 2016. It is said that they were one of the greatest RC teams to ever reign TIP territory, even against the dark forces that tried them. They fought valiantly for their children all term, but eventually succumbed to their own faults, led astray by misinformation and under the impression that they were abiding by TiP rules. They are preceded by the Magnificent 7, a mythical band of RC's said to have suffered similar fates at Duke East.

Gone with no goodbye, they have not been seen since the fateful day of June 27th, vanished into the real world, erased by issues of confidentiality and silenced by threats from the higher powers. They were last seen loading their suitcases in the rain behind Collins.

We know you are out there somewhere and that you hear us. No longer in our halls, but forever in our hearts. You are not forgotten. We don't blame you for anything.

If you have any information on any of the RCs or were a part of their beloved troupes, feel free to list them below (no last names).


The mother duck!! Zac Lewis


Mother to the 13 Wild Things (+ several adopted aliens). Often spotted eating strange food concoctions by the A/C of B2. Infamous matchmaker of the first-years. Kept a swimming pool in the back of her van. Undyingly devoted to her 13, but could have been bribed by Indian food.

Said to have been terminated for out-bootying the TiPsters while on booty duty.

She was warned but she just couldn't stop.


The savage (Best RC ever) One of the nicest people I have ever met(and no offense to him one of the gayest) He was a strategy gamer, Joker, and overall fun guy. Even after over a year the wound still hurts. RememberTheFall