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Alana shwohoiasdhiashdkie
Campus(es) Trinity, Wake Forest, West
Attended Term 1 2012, Term 1 2013, Term 1 2014, Term 1 2015, Saint Stephen's High School (only some of it)
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The Basics of Alana

Alana is a fourth year fourth year as of Term 1 2015. She spent her first year at Trinity, second year at Wake Forest, and her final two years at Duke West. She is a girl and is known for her legendary statement: "I am gets nervous around boys". She acts drunk when shes sad and shes probably secretly a fish considering how much she swims. She knows almost all TiP traditions and typically hangs out with her Wake Forest friends as well as those she became close with her 4th year.

Trinity 2012

While there aren't many accounts of this rough year in Alana's life, it is known that this was the year Alana fell in love with TiP. She also used this as the inspiration to join the Mock Trial team at her school. There are no accounts of relationtips from this year.

Wake Forest 2013

This was the year that Alana met most of her closest TiP friends. To this day she remains close with Claire Xiao and Hunter wood. Alana and Claire tend to spend the nights in each other's rooms at West, as that is where they went together for Alana's last two years. Alana had a relationship at Wake, with JP Williams. JP asked her to the dances repeatedly, and during one of the slow songs the rest of the TiPsters attempted to create a congo line off of their slow dance...legendary. WHile making many friends and having some good old fashioned TiP fun, this is reportedly Alana's least favorite class that she took at TiP. Apperently bisiness is not her forte.

Duke West 2014

A first year Westie, Alana showed up on the first day ready for the best three weeks of her life. This was Alana's favorite term, and rightfully so, as she met her best friend Brooke Elkjer and her other close friend Audrey Binford. All three of these girls were in Abnormal Psych together, and could be considered the trouble makers in the class. During braks they would sneak off into an auditorium in the Psych building, where they created some TiP traditions of their own. There is also no account of a relationtip from Alana for thi year, as the appeared to be focused more on creating friendships than romantic relationships. However, she claims to have "no ragrets".

Duke West 2015

Alana was in the amazing class of social psych, with the lovely TA Taylor Jones, and that is where the statement "I am gets nervous around boys" arose. She also became great friends with Becca Hentges in this class, and together they consistently disrupted the class and annoyed people by laughing for virtually no reason at all. In her fourth and final year, Alana helped her RAG win first place at TiPsync by choreographing and having the song idea of "Lollipop" from Pitch Perfect 2. While spending the first two weeks of TiP with her Wake Forest friends (Claire Xiao, Hunter Wood, et al.), she extended her social groups in the last week my spending all of her time with the most amazing group of fourth years TiP has ever known (Ally Morcus, Jason Raiti, Maggie Woodruff).