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Alex Allen is involved with the TiP Nation Island/TiP Constitutional Democratic-Republic project. Although he is not a "TiPster," He was asked to join the project by one of its founders, Matt Gibson, who he had previously met online. He is currently a council member and was the first non-TiPster to be elected to the council.

Political Views

Alex is a strong Conservative Libertarian. He believes strongly in personal freedom, limited government, and free markets. He is also a strong opponent of fiat money, believing that a sound currency is the first step to economic prosperity. Alex has noted that some of his "political heroes" are Ron Paul, Ludwig Von Mises, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

Specific Issues

Abortion - Alex is pro-life and believes that abortion is murder. He is, however, open to a debate as to the exact point at which life begins.
Gun Rights - Alex believes firmly in the idea that the people should be armed in order to be able to stand up against a tyrannical government. He believes that, without this right, all other rights are vulnerable to being taken away.
Foreign Policy - Alex believes that the only time a war is justified is when it is officially declared and when the nation's security is truly at stake. He is strongly against "nation building," believing that it contributes too much to a nation's debt and is also a strong opponent of international organizations such as the United Nations, believing that they threaten national sovereignty.
Drug Laws - Alex advocates the decriminalization of drugs, believing that the prohibition of such products is a violation of an individual's natural rights.

Personal Life

In his spare time, Alex enjoys playing guitar, writing, and debating politics. He is the owner/publisher of Liberty Battles, a news-based website, and hopes to pursue a career in the field of journalism. He lives with his family in a small town in Breckinridge County, Kentucky and currently attends Breckinridge County High School as a senior.