TiP Constitutional Democratic-Republic

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TiP Constitutional Democratic-Republic started out as TiP Nation Island and currently meets on its Facebook page.


TiP Constitutional Democratic-Republic was an attempt to form a unified micronation composed of only the best and the brightest. Its final government was a council of 11 elected members; an executive branch composed of an elected Prime Minister, an elected Secretary of Diplomacy, and an appointed Executive Supervisor; and a Supreme Court composed of three elected justices and two appointed justices.


TiP Constitutional Democratic-Republic is the name of the main group that split off of TiP Nation Island on September 2, 2012. It retained the original government of TiP Nation Island. A coup by councilmembers Ethan Katz and Matthew Amontree, as well as Prime Minister Thomas Kirshy (who had just been elected to replace Shand due to resignation), former councilmember Harry Adams, and former consul Ian Chiles on September 18, 2012, brought an end to this group. A smaller, dedicated group, survives as TiP Nation Constitutional Democratic-Republic.


Past Members

  • Dylan Quintal (councilmember)
  • Alec Polansky (Supreme Court Justice)
  • Lucas Ryan (Councilmember)
  • William Shand (Prime Minister)

Final Members


  • Prime Minister: Thomas Kirshy
  • Secretary of Diplomacy: Jak Dougherty


  • Evan Tiemann
  • Brandon Rieff
  • Ethan Katz
  • Devlin Moyer
  • Max Stevens
  • Matthew Amontree (Disputed since a mudslinging trial that would have forced him to resign was underway)

Supreme Court

  • Brandon Scott
  • Tyler Tinari
  • Nikolai Horbovetz
  • Marc Cohen


The Constitution is currently in the works. It has gone through six drafts so far. It is based mainly on the rules passed under TiP Nation Island. You can find the phases of the Constitution at Evolution of the TiP Constitutional Democratic-Republic Constitution