TiP Nation Constitutional Democratic-Republic

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TiP Nation Constitutional Democratic-Republic is the third in a series of attempts to create a nation composed of the best and brightest. While the members of this group are no longer solely TiPsters, the group tries its hardest to retain the spirit of TiP. The current admin of the group is Matt Gibson.


TiP Nation Constitutional Democratic-Republic is what survives of TiP Constitutional Democratic-Republic. The group has been reduced to half its original size. It still operates on the seventh draft of the Constitution for the previous page, which can be found at Evolution of the TiP Constitutional Democratic-Republic Constitution. The new group takes a hard-line zero tolerance policy on the issues of trolls and conspirators due to a large body of history with such people(see TiP Nation Island and TiP Constitutional Democratic-Republic). The group was originally a back-up page in case the council lost control of TiP Constitutional Democratic-Republic, which happened on September 18, 2012.



TiP Nation Constitutional Democratic-Republic operates under a strict Constitution. It has three branches of government: the executive, judicial, and legislative branches. The people constitute a fourth emergency branch of the government. The executives of this nation are the Executive Supervisor, who is appointed by the legislature; the Prime Minister, who is popularly elected; and the Secretary of Diplomacy, who is also popularly elected. The judicial branch is composed of only a Supreme Court at this time. The Supreme Court is made up of five justices, two appointed and three popularly elected, one of which is a chief justice (elected by the court). It has the explicit power of judicial review. Finally, the legislature is composed of an 11-person council. All members of this council are popularly elected.

Past Members

See TiP Constitutional Democratic-Republic and TiP Nation Island for a list of past government members of previous groups.

  • Emmalee Todd (councilmember)

Current Members


  • Prime Minister: Nicholai
  • Secretary of Diplomacy: Jak Dougherty
  • Executive Supervisor: Unoccupied

The Council

The Supreme Court

  • Brandon Scott (Chief Justice)
  • Tyler Tinari
  • Margaret Overton
  • Nikolai Horbovetz
  • Marc Cohen