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As the best RC in existence, Andrea is also fondly referred to as Mother Eagle. Her nickname was created during Term 1 at Trinity University. . She also had a tendency to say It's a thing.. She is addicted to peanut butter, and was often found wearing Converse sneakers. She had the best RC nights. Her term 2 RC group was obviously her favorite. They were on Team Grellow for Tigerfest, and sadly didn't win.. HER TERM TWO RC GROUP INCLUDED: McLean---CFO of Peace Tea


Marissa----CEO of Peace Tea

Erica---Best fan girl

Diana---Most likely to offend somebody

Mary---Most likely to rock a bow.

Cara----indecisive regarding her superlative

Madeline--- most likely to morph into a kitten

Isabel---most likely to grow a unicorn horn

MJ ( Spider-Man's girlfriend). --best artist

Cristi--- most ironic

Megan--- most likely to make any situation awkward

At the Talent Show she was serenaded by Tom on his saxophone between acts.