Andrew Lee

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Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee Was a TIPster at Duke East (Term 1) from 2010-2012, and was most notably remembered for being the holder of the

RC Life

In 2016, he was an RC at Appalachian State University, and unfortunately I was not able to get much info about that except for one photo:


In 2017, he was an RC at Duke East (Term 2). As far as that goes, I don't think I could possibly write enough about his term there. Although he was initially disliked for stealing the Llama on day 3, he was soon forgiven and quickly the whole campus began to love him. He was notably named the "Cool RC" as even the kids from Term 1 sent in group chats(about ) that he was the best RC before kids in Term 2 even arrived on campus. He was always known to play pretty good music in the halls but yet managed to earn the respect of all of the TIPsters on campus. During the term he confirmed that there was "some form of a relationship" that occurred with another RC, but that's all that will be mentioned on that topic. Overall, he was an amazing guy to get to know and the best RC I've ever had.

                                                                                   Andrew and his rag at the Graffiti Tunnel