Annette Hasnas

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Annette Hasnas
Campus(es) Duke East term II, Duke West term II, Duke West term II,
Attended 2015, 2016, 2017
Course(s) Environmental Toxicology, Literary licence without limits, Ethics in science fiction
RAG(s) Doris's RAG, Alicia's RAG, Riyana's RAG
Roommate(s) Luci Jones, and other they were all probably shorter than her unless annette was reallllly short before puberty
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Annette Hasnas is a tall donut skate tall who wears NASA sweater with hood and tracer leggings. These are the only things she would ever wear, and if anyone saw differently, the person they were seeing was one of Annette's many impersonators. She wakes up at like 5 every morning to go buy illegal cold meds and skate, while every sane person slept in through breakfast. This tall rarely seemed to get sleep. She often challenged Blake and Super RC to one on one fist fights in the quad and won every time. Annette was on Team Team for ultimate Frisbee, and that also became win. Grammar is hard. Annette enjoys talking about the similarities between beauty blenders and buttplugs in her spare time, and then ranting about this subject to Jeeyeon (the poor soul). She like the overwatch very

Duke West Term 2 2017

Annette took the class Enviromental Toxicology, where they often listened to music and watched small men play game. same small man also gave presentation about flint crisis and the looming threat of japan in the same 15 minutes. That was a roller coaster jesus. Annette did her final presentation on snake venom, and drew a long green snake for it. It was lovely very nice. very. snek. ,.

Duke West Term 2 2016

Ethics in science fiction. What a nerd class lol nerds. what did yall do trolley kill robots??? Fahrenheit 451 more like kill me 451 . they do the ethic and the science blow up

Duke East Term 2 2015

Annette did Literary literary without literary (a stupid name lordy who thinks of these things ) I didn't take this class but I bet they read??????? maybe wrote too. Annette is writing a novel currently but her idea about the bees