Baby Got Back

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TIPsters at ASU apparently don't actually listen to this at dances. They're apparently white, but not that white.

Actually TIPsters at ASU do listen to Baby Got Back. Thank you very much.

At ASU Term I 2007, one of the (white) RCs sang this song accompanied only by his own guitar. the reaction was quite enthusiastic.

At other campuses, however, it is quite common and usually receives an "enthusiastic" reaction from the crowd.

It is normally used to start TIPsters dancing right as the sun goes down.

Edit: At East Term 1 2006, Melanie Ouellette, Emily Greenwood and Liz Gildea began a parody of "Baby Got Back" that would be titled "Baby Got Birch." It was about John Birch, the 2006 RLC for East. The song begins: 'Oh. My. God. Emily, look at John Birch. / He is sooooo cool! / He must be one of those TIP staff members. / Who understands those TIP staff members, anyway?' ...And then: 'I like John Birch and I cannot lie / You other TIPsters can't deny / That when he walks in with the OSC and a frisbee in his hand you get stoked'....

At East Term II 2010, The were known to sing this song, one of which knowing every single word to the entire song. Their favorite line being "That butt you got ma-ma-make me so horny!", which they liked to shout loudly as a sort of chant/motto.

At East Term II 2012, an acoustic version was performed at the talent show.