Emily Greenwood

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Emily, a.k.a. Bench Girl, was known for sitting on the Pegram, Bassett and Alspaugh benches during her free time. She attended East I from 2004-06.

During her first year (2003 Davidson I), she was one of the girls - perhaps the girl - in Becca's RC group to begin the "Wave, it's a written rule!" trend that dominated their hallway.

"Wave, it's a written rule!" began on June 8th, 2003, on the very first day of term. It originated in the Belk commons, when Becca's RC group held its first meeting. Other RC groups would periodically pass through, and for some undeterminable reason, Emily and a few of the other girls began to wave at them and say these words.

Becca's RC group was located on the first floor of Belk and was the most centrally located girls' hallway at Davidson that year. Emily and friends put up signs which read, "Wave, it's a written rule!" all over the walls, and they encouraged - well, politely demanded - all passersby to do so throughout the term. Most of them did, and it was pretty enjoyable to see the looks on people's faces as they did something so simple, yet so not something they would have done unasked.