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During Term II Davidson, 2014, several RCs decided it would be funny to convince their TIPsters that they were all siblings. This led to confusion, confoundment, and, ultimately, hilarity. RC Patrick got the idea from reading the TIPwiki page of his 3rd year RC, Geoff. This page exists to clarify any remaining confusion on the entire story.

The Ruse

RC Ryan and RC Patrick

This elaborate hoax began when one of RC Ryan's residents asked RC Patrick was related to Ryan. Patrick seized the opportunity and replied that they were brothers, and questioned why this TIPster hadn't realized that sooner. Nothing else was said on this matter until that evening. Being Ryan's day off, Patrick was holding Ryan's group's meeting during. During the meeting, the same TIPster brought up the topic of Patrick and Ryan's brotherhood, much to the surprise of Ryan's members. RC Patrick quickly came up with several fabrications to convince them of their supposed familial relation, and Ryan's group quickly accepted the explanation.

RC Patrick and RC Lucy

The second dance of Term II was Hogwarts themed, and it opened with a formal waltz. RC Patrick and RC Lucy were paired together for this dance, after which one of Lucy's residents informed Lucy that her entire group was shipping the two of them. Lucy quickly said that she and RC Patrick were, in fact, siblings. Both Ryan's and Lucy's groups were not informed of the other RC's supposed relation to RC Patrick, being left to figure it out on their own.

The TIPsters Catch On

During a hall meeting, one of Ryan's TIPsters (DBB) noticed that Patrick's last name was definitely not Baker when he read his name tag. Recognizing the hoax for what it was, he quickly informed RC Patrick that he knew it was a hoax, but that he was going to keep up the facade for humor's sake. Patrick quickly covered his real name with his "German High Council" name, "Hölger von Grüberliederstein." This TIPster also caught wind of Patrick's supposed relation to Lucy, leading to the funniest moment of the entire ordeal. Ben's instructor had challenged him to not communicate verbally for an entire day, so, being the smart TIPster he was, Ben decided to communicate with shredded cheese. He spent the majority of lunch trying to convince RC Celia that RC Ryan and RC Patrick were pretending to be brothers to hide the fact that RC Patrick and RC Lucy were brother and sister. Nearing the end of the term, one of Lucy's TIPsters asked RC Patrick something about "[his] sister," and was overheard by RC Ashley, who was apparently way out of the loop, because she incredulously asked what his sister was doing at Davidson. RC Patrick attempted a discreet wink at RC Ashley, but was caught by this TIPster, and he had to inform her of the hoax. She too, appreciated the humor and kept the secret.

The Grand Finale

RC Lucy and RC Patrick prepared a duet from Monty Python's Spamalot for the final act of the talent show. RC's Jennifer and Sona informed the audience that three of the RC's at Davidson had a very special relationship-they were siblings. Patrick and Lucy were introduced as the two talented Baker siblings, and they performed "The Song that Goes Like This."

The Big Reveal

On the last night of the Term, both RC Ryan and RC Lucy revealed that none of the RC's were related to each other, and much hilarious outrage ensued. Ben was literally shaking with a mix of rage and laughter when he realized his false assumption with the cheese, and many other TIPsters had to grudgingly accept that they had been tricked.