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Barbara's Ladies was Barbara's RC group during TAMU Term 1 2011

Barbara was an RHL on the first floor, and her group consisted of third and fourth year girls. The name "ladies" was given to them by other RC groups because when Barbara would call them: "HEY LADIES?", they would all, in unison, respond: "HEY WHAT!".

HEY GUYS, one of you made this and Im going to add to it <3 LADIES!


This RC group consisted of:

Stephanie - Another AMAZING fourth year! She was kinda quiet, but amazing if you got to know her!! She took Neuropsychology.

Stella - AMAZING fourth year fourth year that although was upset that she was stuck with all the third years at first, she LOVED US by the very end. She took Zombies and Vampires and was always seen with Jessica -- another fourth year in Kendall's group The Butterfly Circus -- She is on the TAMU Family Tree

Gwen - The sweetest girl on this planet. She was a Quad Fourth Year at TAMU. She cried a lot, but it had good reason, she was very smart and She took Engineering Problem Solving. She also performed in the talent show and did Irish Dancing.

Krystal - Third year that was in a RelationTIP with Sam (beanie kid). I'm pretty sure she took Writer's Workshop! She sang in the Talent show with Kelsey and the two were always seen together.

Taylor - Third year that was in Criminal Law! She had a thing going on with AR. They are married on the TAMU Family Tree. She was supposed to be given the Family tree to control when she was a fourth year, but due to DRAMARAMAMAMAMA that happened on the last night, It was given to Quontavius

Nati - Third year that was obsessed with the Miami heat. On the first day, she wore her Heat jersey when they lost the finals and was made fun of for it the rest of term. She took Engineering Problem Solving. She got in trouble for having her phone almost everyday, yet never got it taken away..She was boy crazy and wanted a new guy every day. She was usually seen with Taylor, Ines, Camille, or a group of guys. i only say this because i know it wont offend her.... she was umm a hoe... but I <3 u naughty!

Aisha - Third year that had the most amazing personality on this planet. She took Robotics and was like a BEAST programmer and she was quite popular with the men. Evan, another third year, and her dated before and he was often on the first floor serenading her. She also had many other guys that loved her! She was against wearing makeup and tight clothes so her whole RC group banned together and did her makeup and insisted she wear jeans to the last dance.

Rachel - third year that was in Modern Medicine. She had many guys that wanted to be with her including Cyrus (fourth year) and Paul (second year) just to name a few obvious ones. In Cyrus' fourth year speech, he called her the "cutest little thing here" (; (;... She's fierce in that she had to cut through the ribs of the fetal pig she was dissecting!

Tiler - third year that took Robotics! Her roommate was Kelsey, but she was usually found in Rachel and Aisha's room. During the second week of TIP, her parents sent her Friendship Bread and Banana Nut Bread and they were the two most delicious things I have ever tasted.

Kelsey - third year that was in Writer's Workshop. She was a cool person although she talked... A LOT, and she obsessed over the wrong guys! She has a true talent for writing and her best friends were Krystal and Racheal (different one).

Amber - third year that took Zombies and Vampires. You often found her giving Barbara's other ladies massages because she legit gave the best massages ever! She is SOO nice and gorgeous! She has a very softspoken personality, but you're lucky if you took the time to get to know her.

Maria - third year that took modern medicine! She was very quiet and only opened up if you got to know her! She has a black belt in Taekwondo, which makes her a certified BEAST. She was quiet but she always shared highs and lows and the RC group meeting like everyone else!

Justine - didn't join Barbara's Ladies until late on the first day because the staff thought her name was Justin and apparently on her paperwork it said that her gender was male... so she was put into a boy RC group... so she was the only one in Barbara's Ladies that had no roommate...(third year)


Were part of the (WINNING) Grey Wolfpack for Aggfest


During the first RC group meeting, they developed the game called Barbara's Basket.


The list describing the process of photosynthesis


Barbara (softly 5min before lights out) --- goodnight ladies... Barbara (at lights out, viciously) LIGHTS OUT, LOCK YOUR DOORS, NO TALKING!

Group Nights!

1st Group Night: Happy Yogurt!

2nd Group Night: TARGET!

3rd Group Night: Laser Tag & Mall