Caroline Martin

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Caroline Martin
Campus(es) Duke East Term II
Attended 2015, 2016, 2017
Course(s) Literary License Without Limits, Big Screen Little Screen, Bach To Rock
RAG(s) Alicia's, Emily's, Christina's
Roommate(s) Juniper, Adelaide, Micah
Social Media

Cora Martin is basically a piece of fluffy pink cotton candy in a leather jacket. She is fairly smol, probably about 5'3", and her dyed strawberry blonde hair is wildly curly and notably beautiful. One of her superlatives in the term book was "most likely to threaten to fight you and then give you a hug." Already living in Durham, Cora showed up at Duke East with knowledge of the area but not of the fun times to come. In L3, she wrote depressing poetry and extremely gay coffee shop stories, much to everyone's delight. Future plans include becoming the first female wearer of the Sex-On-Legs Hat, and world domination via cuteness. In 2017 she was the Supreme Lesbian, and added the current relic to the tradition.

Notable Quotes

  • "[insert anything], but lowkey though."
  • "Send him the eggplant emoji so he knows you mean business."
  • "Astrology is real in my heart!"
  • "I'm dead inside."
  • "I may be a lesbian, but Nick Jones is the love of my life."
  • "I love you."