Chemistry Investigations & That's Debatable Sing Off

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During Term II at Wake Forest, the That's Debatable came over to the Chemistry Investigations class at lunch about halfway through, and started possibly the worst version of "Baby" ever sung. Chemistry took up the challenge, and after that, everyday at lunch both classes sung/ shouted at each other, usually ending with Little Einsteins sung by the Chemistry Investigations 2016 @WFU. It reached a new high when, at the Talent Show, That's Debatable did Double Dream Hands. To counter the That's Debatable's performance, Chemistry Investigations delivered the parody of Sweatshirt, Lab Coat by Henry and the Hot Plates. It was still debatable who was the winner, although the Chemistry Investigations class clearly won by popular vote (at least that's what they were told by every other class). They also clearly won because That's Debatable stopped participating, and this was taken as a forfeit. I know you heard us (for real we were not even singing, we were shouting) so who really did win, quality wise at least? Duke Tip may never know or solve this dispute of the That's Debatable and Chemistry Investigations Ultimate Sing Off. That is, until next year.