Choo Choos

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Korean/Japanese fusion food available at UGA. You cannot go to UGA without trying some. So, so, addictive. The yellow sauce makes everything better. Bit of a wait time, but so totally worth it.

Unfortunately, Choo Choos will make you feel absolutely miserably sick to your stomach. So if you're ever at UGA and you're curious as to why you have a terrible stomach ache, think about what you had last night. (note: this stomach ache may also be caused by the Bolton Thunder so this is by no means a tell-tale symptom)

Yellow Sauce

The yellow sauce is ambrosia, it makes the food Choo Choos. Said yellow sauce is also the most disgusting thing that will ever enter your stomach. Geoff Toy says the sauce is just 45% Water 50% Mayonnaise and 5% yellow food coloring, everyone agrees.


1) Never order Choo Choos on the last night. You and all others who ordered will get sick. There are usually 50+ orders that night so there is bound to be something wrong with at least one order.

2) Never drink the "Yellow Sauce" straight. You will feel great for about six seconds then your insides will eject themselves from your body. Anthony Gagliardi once chugged two servings of the sauce. He says it was much worse than Bolton Thunder and reccomends you never do it.

3)Don't order it if you don't like rice. Choo Choos' main goal is to provide large quantities of "food", this food is good and disgusting at the same time. The large quantity of food is about Two pounds of rice and three small bits of whatever meat you wanted.