Anthony Gagliardi

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Anthony Gagliardi was a 4th-year/4th-year TIPster. He attended Appalachian State University his first year, and then attended Univeristy of Georgia for the other three years of his TIP experience. During his time UGA, he was passed down many traditions and charged with the tasks of upholding them and eventually passing them down when the time came. He always held, and still does hold, a deep and undying love and spirit for Duke TIP. He has also RC-ed at UGA.

Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2010 First Appalachian State University II White Hall
2011 Second University of Georgia II Myers Hall
2012 Third University of Georgia II Inspired Writer Myers Hall
2013 Fourth University of Georgia II Philosophy of Knowledge Myers Hall Brick Squad  ?

Preceded by:
Chris Ballinger
Wearer of The Fourth Year Hat Succeeded by:
Joey Dierkes