Christina Sigler

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Christina Sigler, also known as Csiggy, was best friends with Victoria Lawton, Christina and Victoria killed it at tipsync and the talent show showing off their sick moves to "Bang Challenge" and "Google Me". The two were practically inseparable except for when Victoria was with her relationtip Gabe Deng. She was on the second year frisbee team, The Blackhawks and was arguably one of the best girls on the team. She knew many people and had connections with many 3rd and 4th years. Christina was also one of the only ones in the popular second year group to not have a relationtip. But that does not by any means mean that she's single. Victoria and Christina were passed down "Oh What's Up" by Hank Humphrey and Luke Gomez because of their outgoing personalities and awesome dancing. Some of her close friends of the term include Victoria Lawton, Vivian Su, Margaret Kirchner, Noah Henson, April Stephenson, Ethan Pham, Rebecca Goodwin, Claire Wierman, Isaac Wieland, Jules Villani, Carolina Mango, Sophie Gaunt, and Ava Booker.

Diplomacy-board-game-1.jpg Diplomacy
This TIPster has played Diplomacy at TIP and may have betrayed their friends multiple times.