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For a basic education which may provide insight into the actions of PILFers and the exploitation of workers around the globe in capitalist societies, please see the unabridged works of Karl Marx.

It should be noted by those writing their future doctoral dissertations on the Biddle Feud, and all subsequent human reactions to information, that and communism are, in fact, very different. However, Karl Marx only called his famous manifesto of 1848 the Communist Manifesto and not the Manifesto because bourgeois social democrats were using the term "socialist".

It is worth knowing, however, that Jesus was a communist, as were many of his original followers. If you don't believe me look up the 4th chapter of acts, in which not only are distinctly commie actions undertaken, but smiting occurs (and new testament smiting is a rare thing indeed).

"Communism would work great if people would just be decent folks." "Yes, and dictatorships are just peachy if your despot is a good enough person."

Communism is as of now taught mainly in one class: Revolution and Terror, in which Marxism is discussed in a friendly manner. This class, coincedentally, is not recomended for conservative Christian intellectuals. Wait-those exist?