Cult of the PSSH Closet

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The exact origins of the cult is unknown; however, the hall mark of the cult (spontaneous PSSH-ing) became widespread by the 3rd day of Duke West 2018, Term 1. This likely means that the first observed occurrence of the spiritual phenomenon was on the first day of the term: June 11th, 2018. The holy closet is located on the 3rd floor of Few dorm, under the name of GG-301S. Worshipers regularly visit the site during the free times to hopefully be blessed by the rare "PSSH". It happens irregularly and it is still unknown as to what causes it. When PSSH is heard, it is required of worshipers to PSSH back.


The founders of the cult consist of Bannor's Term 1 RAG. They go as follows:

  • Walker B.
  • Campbell H.
  • Braedon U.
  • Joaquin M.
  • Chris S.
  • Jack S.
  • Brendan Y.
  • Sam T.
  • Anatoly Y.
  • Julius U.
  • Mihir V.
  • Adi S.
  • Daniel S.
  • Justin S.


  • Alex A.
  • Savannah W.
  • Bobbie B.
  • Roshen A.
  • Simone K.
  • Gabby C.
  • Natalia M.


Artifacts are rumored/theorized contents of the holy closet. The world may never know of the true contents of the closet, we may only guess

  • Sam's hookah
  • Walker's moped
  • Mihir's car
  • Refrigerator
  • Flat screen TV
  • Natalia‚Äôs microwave


There are various theories in circulation for the origins of the PSSH spirit and what causes it to voice itself, especially of what pleases the spirit or what it approves of. Here are some of them:

The Hookah Theory- The hookah artifact stashed away by founder Sam may be the source of the PSSH. Founder Chris claims it is mango flavored, hand made by the holy fruit of founder Walker

The Fountain Theory- Strange losses in water from the nearby fountains leading up to/after the PSSH make many question the exact nature of the correlation. The simplest explaination is that the Spirt uses the energy of the fountain to voice itself