DJ's cereal daters

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A long time ago in the land of Sarasota Florida, DJ's RC group was discussing the first dance. Jokingly, Heidi bursts out, Emma will you go to the dance with me? She replied with a yes and all was well. Well that was until Emma comes back and announces a day later she is now going to the dance with Maxxe. Heidi shook off the "rejection" by saying that she was now dating Crispex. This continues on until the whole group was dating cereal. This of course made some people jealous. I mean who wouldn'twant to date cocoa crispies! Victims of cereal love :)

  • Emily
  • Bridget
  • Maya
  • Maxxe
  • Eloise
  • Emma
  • Naomi (Cocoa Crispies)
  • Abby (Fruit Loops)
  • Heidi(Crispex)