Devyn Davis

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Devyn Davis is a notorious first year fourth year who left her mark at TAMU Term 1. She took Modern Medicine and was a part of the Varsity Plank Team. She was also a part of The Butterfly Circus and was roommates with Victoria "Tori" Kingcade. She is known for many things and can make anyone laugh at anything!

Catch phrases

Devyn had some key phrases that she'd use when people where either stupid or in a bad situation. The three iconic ones were:

  • Ohhhh Mannn!
  • You Fool! (with a hand gesture)
  • Are you seduced? (with kiss lips)

At the end of the term, Devyn gave the "Oh Man" to Cyrus Motanya, Nick Lowrimore and Juan Hermoza even though they had already taken it.


Devyn is also very well known for her variety of laughs. She can do her father's "deep man laugh." Also her mother's, which is like a squirrel and the Pillsbury Dough Boy's laugh put together (Best way to describe it). The most infamous is probably her brothers, which is a simple "HA!" but you must wait until everyone stops laughing and then throw your head back quickly while doing it.

Mad Dance Skillz

Devyn Davis and Vivian "Viver$wag" Ramirez became close a day or two before the dance, but their friendship was solidified at the first dance. It was due to the fact that both had mad crumping and hip hop in general skills. They also slow danced together many times because they were both "seduced."

Sad News

The only sad thing about Devyn Davis is that she did not attend TIP her first, second or third year, Imagine TIP with a younger Devyn. Ohhhhh Mannnn!