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Domo is a creature that is the mascot of the Japanese Television Station NHK. He is the subject of many advertisements for the station, and has his own manga. He also has his own video games.

The Domo became the official mascot of Jeff's RAG (also known as Jeff's Mancave) at Term II of Duke West 2010. The RAG won two Domo plush toys at Frankie's during their RAG night the first week because they discovered a machine that gave away obscene amounts of prize tickets. The two rag members that obtained Domos were Alex Kumbar and Charlie Stainton. The Domos were often seen around the halls just chilling out. walked down the red carpet with one of the Domos at the last dance. Also, one was almost used as one of the makeup crew's pillows during Doctor Doctor, but it was decided against at the last minute. Domo was also featured in the upper left corner of the termbook, riding the letter D.