Drew Rubinacci

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Drew Rubinacci
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Campus(es) UGA Term II
Attended 2015, 2016
Course(s) Team Programming for Video Games, Cryptography
RAG(s) Cassidy, BANNOR!
Roommate(s) Wyatt, Gunnar
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Drew Rubinacci is a TIPster at UGA Term II from 2015-2016. After being wait listed as a first year he attended a similar program known as John Hopkins CTY. As a second year was able to attend UGA term II and take Team Programming for Video Games. During his third year he took Cryptography.

Spicy Bois

One fateful day right after Dawgfest, Max Wolff and Drew stumbled upon the gloriousness that is the Spicy Bois Handshake. Little did they know that it would become beautiful and form what is known as the Spicy Bois.