Spicy Bois

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The Spicy Bois (aka Spicy Squad) are a group mainly based in the 2016 UGA Term 2 Cryptography class, founded by hosts Max Wolff and Drew Rubinacci after Max and Drew created an accidental handshake.

The Handshake

The handshake consists of one person make an "ok" symbol with their hand and saying "Spicy Bois?", while the other puts their index finger and thumb together and places it in the other persons "ok" symbol, replying with "Spicy bois!". Even though this was the original design their are many variations. One consists of simply punching the "ok" symbol.


Max Wolff

Drew Rubinacci

Jesus Garcia

Taylor Giles

Jason Darby

Gabe Turmail

Brandon Begley

Tim Small

Ridley Crane

Pablo Patel

Jacob Palmer