Elle Gilleland

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Elle Gilleland
Campus(es) Duke East term II
Attended 2014, 2015
Course(s) Words that Matter, Writing with Power
RAG(s) Nettie's RAG, Hailey's RAG
Roommate(s) Lydia Pennington, Mary Frances West
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Eleanor Ruth Gilleland is the smiliest, kindest, and loveliest people to have existed at Duke TiP. As East Term II's 2016 FMT, she's going to slay.

Duke East Term 2 2014

Elle took Words that Matter as a first year second year. It was the best class ever, spending the long, beautiful, and rhetorical hours with , Eli Langley, and Clara Musselman. Her end-of-term speech was a highly informative one on the need for testing aid for students with learning disabilities. She was a passionate member of Nettie's RAG, with Lydia Pennington as her roommate. Innocent and sweet, she was adored and loved by all those who knew her.

Duke East Term 2 2015

Third year was bomb af. Elle was in Writing with Power and Hailey's RAG. Her roommate was the wonderful Mary Frances West, whom she often played soccer with in the painfully hot free hours. She was in an adorable and well-known relationTiP with Joseph Hlavinka, who she got together with after the first dance. 'Twas great. During Quadfest, Elle was one of the beautiful Fergies during the Third Years' entrance song (Fergalicious, obviously). This term was spent with laughter, love, llove, and happiness. She was rightfully crowned with FMT by Rhian Alley on the last night, a position which she'll undoubtedly take on with nothing but greatness.

Duke East Term 2 2016

The only word that could be used to sum up Elle's fourth year would be perfect. She was absolutely blessed to be able to room with the wonderful Mary Frances West yet again, and they raised havoc yet again. While Elle occasionally dampened Mary Frances's shine, they were the epitome of a dynamic duo and no one will ever be roommate goals like they were.

Preceded by:
Rhian Alley
Frisbee Mom in Training (FMT) Succeeded by:
Tyler Donovan