Frisbee Mom in Training (FMT)

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This tradition started out being called Second Floor Whore (or SFW) in 2009 at Duke East Campus, Term 2. The Story of the Second Floor whores starts on the 1st Friday night of TIP. Jackie, Saara, and Beth were having some fun with the neighboring bros up in the 3rd floor common room. After a night of some fun that wasn't exactly TiPropriate , Jackie was named the "resident whore of the night". But since they lived on the 2nd floor of Alspaugh, she was named the Second Floor Whore, and so the name begins. The Handshake involves wrapping their pinkies around each others, making a "tssssss" noise like a sizzle, and then pulling their hands down then bouncing back up. The hand motion for the 2nd Floor whores is making a peace sign with your fingers (v), then closing them and turning them sideways (=), then reopening them so they face downward (^). The written symbol for this is v=^. The Second Floor Whores were the female equivalent and friends of the Bropack. "Were like your sister-RAG. Except you wouldn't do that with your sisters." "Their our sister-RAG. And we DO do that with our sisters"

Jackie kept the title for her remaining two years at TiP, and then passed it on to Courtney Moberley, who passed it on to Riley Knight. Traditionally, the SFW has at least one companion who carried the title but not the responsibility and was not as widely known.

In 2014, the title was changed to Frisbee Mom in Training (FMT), presumably to be a bit more TiPropriate and have fewer negative connotations, and the tradition was passed down to Rhian Alley. The new name is accepted and the tradition seems to be thriving, as Rhian did a wonderful job representing the new name and embodying the tradition itself.

The Title and Responsibilities

The SFW was in charge of designing/making the Lazer Dragon t-shirts, organizing the fourth year boys TiPsync and Doctor, Doctor, and challenging a fourth year boy to the “Big Nasty” among other things. She is a leader and has a bright personality. She isn't afraid to take charge. She is risqué, but NOT A WHORE. She embodies TiP, relationTiPs, and the sexuality that is such a huge part of life there. And most of all, she lloves TiP with all of her heart. There is also a lipstick that the new SFW must choose for herself each year, and there is "the Guide", which no TiPster may see except for any present/former SFWs. Sophia Kiang, while talking to Courtney Moberley during a late-night brainstorming sesh, came up with the idea for the Guide. Courtney being as driven and wonderful as she is, put the idea into action when Sophia wasn't able to return for her fourth year to share SFW with Courtney.

The FMT holds many of the same responsibilities. She makes the Lazer Dragons shirts, which is a huge undertaking, and she helps the Lazer Dragons captain organize the team and run meetings and generally whatever they need. She organizes the fourth year boys TiPsync, which is literally one of the hardest things in the world. The FMT also challenges a fourth year boy to the "Big Nasty" and may even eat some herself. She also helps run and organize anything that someone may need help with, like Doctor, Doctor, Quadfest, or the Home video. The FMT, much like the SFW, is a leader and is outgoing. She isn't afraid to take charge or be a little bossy. She is flirty and confident in herself. She embodies TiP, relationTiPs, and the sexuality that is a big part of TiP, but is also mom-like. She has a big heart and loves everyone and everything at TiP. She's a mom to all, and she is willing to take care and look out for everyone on campus. The FMT continues to wear a red lipstick of her choosing, and "The Guide" is still passed down.

Passing Down the FMT

This tradition, much like the Gentleman's Hat, isn't passed down at the talent show. Instead, it is passed down at midnight (or sometime near then), when the current FMT will find and take aside her chosen third year. She will kiss the new FMT on the cheek, leaving her lipstick mark to show the passing down. When the new FMT emerges, she will most likely be wearing red lipstick as well as having the lipstick mark on her cheek.


  • '09-'12 - Jackie Keaton, Emma Starr, Saara Hassoun, Beth Hemmenway
  • '12-'13 - Courtney Moberley, Ashwini Krishnamurthy (unable to attend), Sophia Kiang (unable to attend), Hailey Wozniak
  • '13-'14 - Riley Knight
  • '14-'15 - Rhian Alley
  • '15-'16 - Elle Gilleland
  • '16-'17 - Tyler Donovan
  • '17-'18 - Mira Thakur
  • '18-'19 - Mckenzie McHugh
  • ‘19-20 - Ella Blair
  • ‘20-21 - Ella Blair