Tyler Donovan

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Third Year

Tyler Donovan started her first year of TIP as a third year at Duke East, Term 2, where she would return the next year. She took Literary License Without Limits and absolutely loved it and Blakeley, the instructor. Her roommate third year was Alice Zhang, with whom she bonded immediately, and the two were not often seen without the other. She was in Emily's RAG, which is where she met Casey Langer and she, Casey, and Alice quickly became inseparable. Tyler had a relationTIP with fellow third year Griffin McCombs, who would wear the Gentleman's Hat the next year, that honestly only picked up speed in the last few days of camp (but they were cute af anyway). On the last night of camp, she received the tradition of Frisbee Mama in Training, and everyone knew she would be a fantastic FMT.

Fourth Year

For her fourth year, Tyler took International Relations and was in Alex's RAG. (She was supposed to be in Christina's RAG but her room got changed at the literal last minute and she ended up without a roommate. RIP) Tyler helped choreograph the fourth years boys' TIPSync, as per tradition, and chose the song "Summer Nights" from Grease. That TIPSync will go down in history with the most iconic kiss of all time between one Quinn Cooper and Rico Garcia. Tyler remained extremely close with her best friends Casey and Alice and often got in trouble for having them in her room. (Hey, we had to take advantage of all that extra space.) In fact, the three of them entered an informal polyamorous relationship (no socks) - forming the THOT Train with Madison Ward - and were called out several times for dancing very intippropriately at the dances. Also, shout out to Tyler's mom for the most bomb cookies ever. Tyler passed the tradition of FMT to her close friend Mira Thakur, whom she loves very dearly and is gonna ROCK that red lipstick. WE LOVE YOU TYLER!!