Casey Langer

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Casey Langer began her TIP career at Wake Forest in 2014. She was there with the “Wake Forest Squad,” which consisted of Brecken Yeo, Griffin McCombs, Claire Stagner, , and Maya Abul-Khoudoud. In 2015, she attended Duke East and took Words That Matter. She was in the RAG with Daniela Garcia, Abigail Wandoff, Maya, and others, and they all quickly became very close friends. Her roommate that year was Abigail, and they immediately clicked. They both coincidentally had a mutual friend (Pablo Patel) and they bonded over that. The two of them spent many nights watching TV shows and movies, such as Sleeping Beauty, Stitchers, and Teen Wolf. Many inside jokes were made, and an everlasting friendship was formed. In 2016, Casey returned to Duke East for her third year, taking Writing With Power. She was in Emily’s RAG and quickly befriended Tyler Donovan and Alice Zhang, spending many nights in their room. She also had a relationtip with Josef Ernst, and they were very cute together. Casey again returned in 2017 for her fourth year, and she was in Aerial’s RAG with Daniela and Abigail. Her roommate was Mai-Ann Nguyen, and they quickly became friends. Throughout her time at Duke East, Casey became known for her addiction to the strawberry shortcake ice cream popsicles, and she loved them so much that she once ate 7 of them in only one day. She was also infamous for being dress coded all the time, especially at the dances. At TIP, Casey was a person who could always brightened up the mood wherever she was, with her hilarious and loving personality. WE LOVE YOU CASEY!!