Daniela Garcia

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Daniela Garcia first started her tip career at Davidson in 2014 in the Creative Writing class. She came with her friend Abigail Wandoff and quickly made many more friends there due to her bright and friendly personality. Her second year, she and Abigail went to Duke East Term 2 where she took Literary License Without Limits. She and Abigail were in Tess’s rag, also known as , and made tons of friends in their rag. At the Talent Show at the end of her 3rd year at East, Daniela was given the Llama Mama tradition. She truly embodied what the tradition was all about, and carried it perfectly during her fourth year. She demonstrated a strong love for TiP as a whole while also including and showing acceptance towards every member of camp. She took Philosophy of Time with Zoë Ganter and they quickly became as close as sisters, along with the lovely Hannah Stone, Caroline Webber, Casey Langer, Claire Stagner, and more. Not only was Daniela an amazing friend to everyone around her, she also took very good care of the llama itself. Some examples of this include making sure the llama got to spend time in every class throughout the term, getting the llama back when the staff stole it early, and executing one of the most successful Flight of the Llama Duke East has ever seen. For the Flight of the Llama, Daniela placed the llama in a blow-up bubble soccer ball, and all the tipsters got to enjoy tossing her around. Not only this, but Daniela made sure to wipe the Llama down with baby wipes countless times a day, in order to stop the spread of germs to and from the 20 year old pinata. In terms of fulfilling other parts of her tradition, Daniela also put together a beautiful “Home” video for the fourth years that took lots of dedication to film and piece together. She is obviously a very technologically savvy person considering that she also single-handedly created the TiPsync mashup that the fourth year girls performed to the songs “Toxic” and “When I Grow Up.” She absolutely loved her time at TiP and it will always be her home.