Claire Stagner

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Claire Stagner began her TiP experience at Wake Forest in 2014 with the “Wake Forest Squad,” including Casey Langer, Brecken Yeo, Griffin McCombs, Maya Abul-Khoudoud, and Nick Woodman. Unfortunately, Claire got waitlisted her second year, but she returned back to TiP her third year, taking International Relations at Duke East Term 2. Although she was nervous not knowing anyone except the people from Wake Forest, she quickly befriended lots of people with her hilarious, delightful, positive, and outgoing personality. She became famous within her friend group for her bird calls, tiny tim impersonations, her love for Dolly Parton, and her constant singing about the countries of South America. Her exceptional ability to entertain others led her to become the Cuil Theorist of 2017, passed down by Thea Marika at the 2016 Talent Show. For her 4th year, Claire was in the Criminal Minds class with her friend Abigail Wandoff, and they befriended the most adorable group of 3rd year girls. Everyone in other classes was jealous of their amazing squad, friendships, and hilarious Italian TA, Giacomo Riva. Claire has the ability to make any story sound like the actual funniest thing that has ever happened, and to have all of her friends rolling on the ground in fits of laughter. She notably had more quotes in the 2017 Quote Book pages than any other tipster just because she is so hilarious. Not only did Claire perform Cuil Theory at the Talent Show, but she and her Wake Forest friends taught everyone this really funny song/dance from their Wake Forest days called The Interlude. The group had every tipster in the auditorium up and dancing with them, and Claire looked happy and beautiful performing it. On the last night at the talent show, Claire passed down cuil theory to Sophie Gaunt, a girl whom she found hysterical and kind, and knew Sophie would do a perfect job (and hopefully memorize it all, contrary to claire !! :) )