Abigail Wandoff

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Abigail Wandoff began her Duke tip career at Davidson in 2014 going in with her friend Daniela Garcia. Soon, they made many friends and learned about all the love and happiness that camp had in store. Abigail came to Duke East term 2 in 2015 and was in Tess’ rag, also known as , with Maya, Daniela, her roommate Casey Langer, and many other lovely ladies. Together, they became very close and Abigail made many friends with her bright, loving, and intelligent charisma. She returned in 2016 for her 3rd year and roomed with . She took International Relations, and there, she met many of her close friends. Abigail was known to her friends as someone who is a trusting, and admiring character. In 2017, Abigail took Criminal Minds with Claire Stagner and made many more lovely new friends including a group of 3rd year girls. You could catch Abigail smiling and chatting with her friends. In Criminal Minds, she kept quotes and witty statements from the silly TA, Giacomo Riva, as well as the teacher, Tyler Buckner. Although Abigail was not necessarily a morning person, somehow she was always enthused and happy. She is someone to always laugh with you and the first person you would want tell good news to. Abigail has left a lasting memory among her friends who cherish her as well as among the third year girls she had quickly befriended in class.