Hannah Stone

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Hannah Stone arrived at Duke East Term 2 in 2017 as a 1st year 4th year. Though she may have been internally nervous, it didn’t show to anyone who met her. She was bubbly and confident and happy from the get-go, and impressed everyone with her ability to get on board with all of the craziness that East Term 2 must seem like to a newcomer. Not only did she accept all of the traditions and customs that happen at that term, but she seamlessly blended with so many people and it was like they had all known her for years. Hannah took the class Bach to Rock, which was full of some pretty ~enthusiastic~ (slightly crazy) people in 2017. However, Hannah befriended all of them and wowed her TA with her amazing musical ability. Some her best friends included the girls in her fabulous RAG, Zoë Ganter, Caroline Webber, and , as well as some other pretty awesome ladies like Claire Stagner, Daniela Garcia, and Abigail Wandoff. Her friendship/rivalry with Brecken Yeo will live on in the memories of their friends, as will the day she got platonically asked to the 3rd dance by Nick Woodman immediately after he finished an Oh What’s Up on the cafeteria steps. Oh What’s Up has a special place in Hannah’s heart, as she and Zoë stood in for the guys on Frat Boy ~Fursday~ and wowed everyone with how epic their performance was. Hannah was also a part of the Kardashian themed Doctor Doctor 4th year skit with Caroline, Claire, and Zoë. Her immediate love of TiP truly impressed everyone, despite the fact that when she was initially bestowed her first SMP star on the first day, Hannah didn’t realize what was going on, thought the SM was a whacko, and put it on her hand instead. Hannah cried as hard (if not harder) than anyone on the last day and night, and suggested many depressing songs to be played in the common room at 3am to help everyone really get in their feels. Hannah will always be remembered at TiP for her infectiously hype attitude and constant dancing. We love you Hannah!