Emily kim

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Emily kim
Campus(es) Duke East term II
Attended 2014, 2015
Course(s) Words that Matter, Information Security
RAG(s) Tisha's RAG, Julia's RAG
Roommate(s) Ashley Hiser,Supriya Suwajwani
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Emily Kim is an amazing and kind person who is much loved by all who know her. She's the first official Little Miss Sunshine, and she's a perfect embodiment of the llove TiP shares.

Duke East Term 2 2014

Emily took Words that Matter as a first year second year. She loved her teacher Abby almost as much as she adored the teaching intern John. It was the best class ever, and also one of the tightest knit classes. She enjoyed the long, beautiful, and rhetorical hours with fellow second year Elle Gilleland, and fourth years Eli Langley, and Clara Musselman. Her end-of-term speech was a moving one on the bullying she had faced at her old school from the other ignorant students for being Asian. She had a very close bond with all of her RAG, a bond that would last for all of Emily's TiP experience. Kind and loving, she was loved in return by all those who knew her.

Duke East Term 2 2015