Final day

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The final day of TIP. Usually, no actual learning goes on that day. At Breakfast, people consume large amounts of caffeine. In Class, students talk about what they've learned. Lunch comes, and people consume large amount of caffeine. Then, in class students talk about what they've learned more, and usually go around and tell about how much they loved the class and how much everyone in the class meant to them. People cry, and then people go to pack. People cry while packing. Then people go to eat dinner, and everyone consumes mass amount of caffeine. Then there is THE dance. It is usually about 3 hours long. Usually, the fourth years have come close to a particular song; this song is played and the 4th years sing along. People cry. Also, people pass around their term books to be signed. People cry while this happens. Also note that the dance is usually when couples start making out like there is no tomorrow. This is because there actually IS no tomorrow. About half the tonsils at TIP are thoroughly cleaned.

After the dance, everyone is given free time all night, thoe they do have to be in a dorm after midnight. There may be a siting of Safe-Sex Batman. There are RCs who stay up and generously take restless TIPsters from one dorm to another. Everyone is restricted to the first floor after 1:00 am, to respect the "people who want to sleep", which would be nobody. There are two trips that take fourth years to Honey's, a sub-par diner. There, they learn about the inTiPpropriate TiPlore which cannot be told to under-fourth-years.

Then, everyone has to go home, amidst much crying and weeping. Don't think about it for too long.