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Frankie's is an establishment in Raleigh that is a common location for the RAG nights off campus of the West fourth year guys. Frankie's contains many fun diversions that are too numerous to fit into the allotted time a RAG night has to be in, and often the trips will run into evening free time. Frankie's is the original home of many of the fourth year's symbols, such as term II 2009's fourth year's shutter shades or Term II 2010's Domos.

List of Attractions at Frankie's

  • Go Karts
    • Road Course
    • Rookie Track
    • Shamrock
  • Arcade
  • Laser Tag
  • Spider Web Climb
  • Mini Golf
  • Bumper Boats
  • Drop Zone
  • The Fun House
  • The Batting Cage

Go Karts

Due to the extremely limited time allotted to TIPsters at Frankie's, it is common to only have time for about three activities. Go Karts should definitly considered, as it allows the entire RAG to participate at the same time and is extremely fun. The best Go Karts track is by far Shamrock, since one must be 16 and have either their learners permit or driver's license to race on. This prevents the possibility of annoying little kids who don't know how to drive or adults who have little kids and drive too slowly.


The Arcade contains plenty of games, including standards such as Ghost Zone and Skeeball. however, there are two special games of note. The first one is Tanks Tanks Tanks!, which is located right at the entrance to Frankie's. It allows 4 people to face each other simultaneously in a demolition contest. The second one is the string game (I don't know the official name), which gives out obscene amounts of prize tickets (up to 20,000) fairly easily. This game was exploited by Jeff's RAG to earn the two Domos.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is the other highly recommended group activity for RAGs. It is a two team contest. The arena contains an upper and lower level, and each team has a base on the lower level. One team can tag the other teams base for extra points, or shoot at the other team's guns and vests for points. After taking 20 hits, a person must return to base to recharge their gun.