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This page contains the full wills of the Fourth Years at Georgia Tech Term 1 2016 as they appeared in the Termbook, sorted by RAG. The word limit was 300 words, and most everyone that turned in a will used as many words as possible without exceeding 300.

Some of you may notice that this page is unusually short. Well, it is. There were exactly 21 Fourth Years at Tech this term: six girls and fifteen boys. Twenty of us turned in a will. Those of you that were at Tech will not be surprised to see who didn't submit a will... :-) (All in good humor!)

To my fellow Fourth Years: I know I promised you a photo gallery. I almost have the folders ready; just a few more things to upload and filter. The link will be posted here. I miss you all. KJ4UBL (talk) 20:51, 13 August 2016 (UTC)

Angel's RAG

Kristina Merino

I, Kristina Merino, hereby bequeath the following:To Cadence Tomlinson; more drone fanfictions than you could ever hope for, and the last 15 cents on my Buzzcard. To Katie Johnson; everything from the Professor Layton series (past, present, and future) as well as $20 million for your robotics team. To Katie Gulkis; a robotic arm for ultimate dabbing. To Team Testosterone; monster trucks, lumberjacks, and four cans of Axe. To Saahaj's Parents; noise cancelling headphones. To Brynne Tynes; an unlimited supply of peanut butter and everything on your makeup wishlist. To Anika Parashar; the calves of all my murder victims. To Sonya Gorbunova; anything you need to incite another space race with another Cold War. To Angel's Demons; all the saxiness. So much saxy. And to Purple Shirt; you're cute.

Katie Hitchcock

I, Katie Hitchcock, being of wonderfully unsound mind and blessedly sound body do bequeath the following in my last will and testament. To Neuroscience, I give all the noms with which to dance, dance, dance and dance, dance, dance, blankets, the last 15 minutes, and circle tree. To Angel's Demons, the number 11. To Angel Street, a permanent headache cure, alveoli processable French fries, and Katie3. To Rachel Sterchi, the rad raptors, "Somewhere Only We Know", and a letter. For Josie, my abysmal shuffling skills, Target, and belly button conspiracies. To Caroline Smith, I leave VetMed4Ever and "Breakfast at Tiffany's". To Christopher Tate: *cue water bottle pop and a wiki reference*. For Saahajmahal, the best screensaver ever, a heart attack, my soft hair, and 'a drop of toothpaste' to drink. To Max Ross, plain cream cheese for your plain bagel and glasses induced blindness. To Nick and Wyatt, an orange lanyard each. For Skyler Sprecker, eye contact and funny faces. And to Willfred, I give all the love and support you've shown me my entire life, especially during this year. You're the best built in friend for which a girl could ask. To everyone else here, I leave all the memories, laughs, and good times. To all my RC's these last four years, I give immense gratitude. TIP wouldn't have had the same impact on me without each and every one of you. To my Instructors and TA's, I give thanks for your teaching me more than I ever thought possible and for giving me the confidence ot know that I can succeed. To every TIPster I give the hope that you will carry on the spirit of this incredible program so that future oddballs can find their family. To TIP, I give everlasting love for changing my life.

Brynne Tynes

I, Brynne Tynes, herby bequeath the following: To Tasfia Hussain; my water bottle flipping skills, blindies, a snap streak, my broken sunglasses, a hash brown, a French braid, and everything else. To Lauren Bell; a perfect ice cream cone and a lifetime supply of burritos. To Kristina Merino; flowers with permanent petals. To Maame Effirim; all of the Maame tickles. To Gracie O'Riordan; my title as hop scotch champion, consent, and Lucky Charms. To aNUSHA Panjwani; endless card games and Olympic swimmers' autographs. To Rachel Gladden; all of the emojis. And to Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics; my charmander.

Katie Layton

I, Katie Lyaton, hereby leave the following items: To Asa Altman, I leave my random conversations and thousands of confused first-year questions. You were the best roommate I could have gotten. To Katie Gulkis, I leave the confusion that people get when trying to tell us apart along with some extra miles for Pokemon Go. To Cadence, I leave thousands of drone fanfictions.To Kristina, I give you the color purple ;) To Sonya, I give you a book and more space pants. See you in the next space race.To Rachel, I leave you sleep and Chacos. To Josie, I leave my admiration for your amazing puns and dance skills. I would like to order some chocolate ice cream. To Michael Cloer, I give my anger at losing a chess game in four moves (Water game confirmed.) To Wyatt, I leave a sewing kit and two buttons. To Saahaj, I give the supplies needed to build a SaahajMahal. To Barrett, I leave the fibonacci sequence. To Team Testosterone, I leave a lumberjack riding a monster truck at a football game, wearing too much axe. To all of Angel's Demons, I give my thanks for being awesome. All y'all were very saxy. To Alberto and Dr. Chris, I leave a rocket ship that will take y'all to Mars, following a Hohmann transfer. To Spacecraft Mission Design, I leave my millions of robotics conversations and a giant spacecraft filled with alfredo. To DukeTip, thanks for being completely awesome.

Asa Altman

I, Asa Altman, being of eccentric mind and epic body, herby bequeath my posessions to the following: To Katy G., a copy of Twelth Night, so that someday ,she may force some else to read it. To Natalie, all the happiness that I feel while dancing, as if you add it to her own, she'll outshine the stars. To Josie, I leave my deck of cards, as she's obviously gotten more use out of them than I have. To Anna, I leave sugar to sweeten up all her salt...iness. Sarcasm. Irony. Whatever. To Lou, I leave my email address with the disclaimer that I rarely check it. To my roommate, I leave my phone number and a smile. To all the other fourth years, every tear I've shed at TIP, to join all of our sadness. And finally, to anyone from my class who dared to insult my scarf, my least favorite scarf.

Nate's RAG

Andrew Egge

I, Andrew Egge, leave my legacy to the program. Thank you for everything.

Abdulaziz Ashour

I, Abdulaziz Ashour, give my roasting ability in both English and Arabic language to who ever is going to be in my room (418 B right side bed)

Mohammed Alnamkani

Mohammed Alnamkani: This my will (I won’t leave any thing but still): To Matthew Clark- I leave this bottle of water; drink from it and gain my wisdom; To Saahaj Mattey- I leave 10kg of Indian food; To Maximus Ross- I leave the biggest Excel sheet ;To Michael cloer- I leave the same Excel sheet plus a DJ kit; To Sonya Gorbunova- I leave a fight club; To Alexander Constantine-I leave a golden belt; To Carlos-I leave 9 Arabic words;To Nick- I leave a sunglasses made out of a deck of cards; To RC Nate - I leave the Saudi sense of humor

Yasser Althuwaini

I, Yasser Althuwaini, want to thank all the people in here in Duke TIP, and I want to tell you that by your help, I learned about the programming and the AI (Artificial Intelligence), by your cheers, I became a pro in some games I played for the first time, like ultimate Frisbee, playing cards, and other great games, and the most important thing, is that by your encouragement, I improved, my skills improved, I learned more about the life. So again, thanks from my heart.

Alex Constantine

I, Alex Constantine, of somewhat sound mind and fantastic body, hereby bequeath the following items: To Andrew Egge, I leave the strength and dedication to wake up at the crack of dawn and run. To Chloe Roush, I leave constant energy despite only getting 5 hours of sleep. To Ryan Bloch, I leave my very large bag of Tide Pods. To Skyler Sprecker, I leave my hype Summer playlist and my orange lanyard so you can be a fourth year next year. To Caroline Smith, I leave my enthusiastic greetings. To Walker Brünner, I leave my water bottle flipping skillz. To Sharil Maredia, I leave my awful pun making ability. To Yasser, Abdulaziz, and Mohammed, I leave an ultimate frisbee disc. To the Saahajmahal, I leave my vocal chords, so you can actually speak. To Brandon Chao, I leave the legacy of the 419 Squad. To Chidozie, I leave the mayorship of Mafiatown. To Luke Parks, I leave my collection of bad jokes, so more people can enjoy your laugh. To the Programming Robotics class, I leave my woodpecker noises, my weird finger wiggling, and my collection of dank memes. To CJ Hannan, I leave the position of captain of the Ultimate Frisbee All-Star team. To Jen and Ashleigh (Instructor and TA), I leave my thanks for dealing with my shenanigans in class. To Nate (RC), I leave my sunny disposition and constant positivity. To The Breakfast Club at Tiffany’s, I leave my eternal love and gratitude for being some of the best friends ever. To Rylee Holland, I leave more late night conversations, more inside jokes and goals, our Tip playlist, and all the love in the world. To all Tipsters, I leave my everlasting gratitude for making these last 6 weeks the best of my life.

Andrew's RAG

Will Hitchcock

I, William Hitchcock, of strange mind and mostly dysfunctional body leave these items to my peers: to Maximus Ross I leave all the weird grins I understand and he fears to understand, to all the people who recognized my Night Vale shirt I leave the sound of Cecil Palmer’s voice lulling me to sleep, to Nick Landers I leave all the puns I know that make me violently ill and the idea of a silent dorm room, to Chris I leave all of the information I have gained from the TIP wiki, like this URL:, to Robin I leave the opinion that Dick Grayson was the best and an ñ, to Victor Zhao I leave mispronunciations of your name and my angst to use on whoever you wish, to Wyatt I leave all my terrible pickup lines and jokes, to Jacob I leave all the Minecraft I can give, to Mike Cloer I leave all the Ayn Rand quotes I know, to Elias I (posthumously) leave the feeling that I am always watching him, to Saahaj Mattey I leave a less broken body (only after I die), to William I leave confusion about who is being called on or out, and lastly, to Katie Hitchcock I leave my feeling when Chris opens his water bottle.

Max Ross

I Maximus Ross, of strange mind and crazy body, do hereby leave the following items: To Nick Landers, I leave a Peregrine Falcon to send into space (you know what to do), and the TANK, with two rules: 1. You can change the outside of it but the box must remain. 2. You must always improve it each year. To Will Hitchcock, I leave a return smile for you to try and understand how the tables have been turned and a deck of cards so that you can annoy your family with your amazing (lucky) Kings on Corners game. To Chris Tate, I leave a special purple 5th year lanyard so that you can continue TIP and two tickets for Hamilton (lol jk). To Victor Zhao, I leave baskets of pepper to cover up your personal salt. To Saahaj Mattey, I leave blueprints for your Glorious Saahaj Mahal. To Katie Hitchcock, I leave a signed copy of American Pie and a return smile for the ones you give. To Robin I leave a copy of AI 101, a copy of Plan 9 from Outer Space, and an ñ. To Mohammed, I leave a frisbee so that you may pwn all who oppose your frisbee powers. To Wyatt, I leave my 4th of July beads and my BOOM glasses to the most American person I know, and a copy of the Communist Manifesto. To Eddison, I leave an egg. To the other Maxs, I leave you the knowledge that my Name is superior. To Alberto I leave a pile of pasta and Alfredo Sauce to spread the glory of the FSM to all corners of the universe. And to TIP, I leave my love and appreciation for the wonderful years I’ve been here to learn and grow and meet amazing people.

Edison Huynh

I, Edison Huynh, of EGGcellent mind and slightly sizzling body hereby bestow the following:To Kaelen Replogle, I leave the “Magnum Dong.” To the BioMed class, I leave the Hamburger Helper mixtape. To Saahaj Mattey, I leave the Elias’ cargo shorts hanging in front of our restroom. To Christopher Tate, I leave a ragtag volunteer army. To Maximus Ross, I leave Griffin’s towel that is also hanging in front of my restroom. To Rylee Holland, I leave ankle weights so you can slow down. To Gucci Mane, I leave my thanks for maintaining my sanity throughout these weeks. To Alex Constantine, I leave my burning calves from morning run. To Skyler Sprecker, I leave an imaginary flower crown. To Victor Zhao, I leave the homemade milk tea from the cafeteria. To Nick Landers, I leave all the extra food in my room. To Will Hitchcock, I leave my smile so you can keep smiling. To Robin Kirk-whitman, I leave the fourth floor lounge. To Andrew Clark (RC), I leave the rest of my protein bars. To Sarah and Maya, I leave all the rubber duckies in the world. To Jimmy, I leave my speedos and swim cap. To William, I leave you my bottles of 5 hour energy. To Ethan and Brandon, I leave you the horribly planned ultimate frisbee team. To Andrew Estrada, I leave a hand drawn potato with my left hand. To Andrew Egge, I leave 72 cans of Fresca. To Amanda Meriwether (TA), I leave my EGGceptional puns. To Chen Qiu (Teacher), I leave my sizzling spotify playlist for you to turn up to (ignore the profanity). To DukeTiP, I leave my gratitude and appreciation for.

Robin Kirk-Whitman

I, Robin Kirk-Whitman, being of introverted mind and unathletic body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Andrew, I give my thanks for being a great RC. To Max, I return the ñ that you gave me. To Chris, I leave a bunch of Hamilton gifs. To Victor, I return all the salt that you gave me. To Alan, I leave three bananas and a frisbee. To Brandon, I give detention. To Jake, I leave a terrible counterfeit Black Lotus. To Yasser, I leave a teleporting chess piece. To Tyler, I leave knowledge of the ancient art of witchcraft.

Skyler Sprecker

I, Skyler Sprecker, of swole body and glorious mind, leave the following… To Alex Constantine- puns, puns, and more puns, To Rylee Holland- Jofus and grapefruit #rekt, To Kirby Thigpen- doublemint gum, To Andrew Egge- a potato, To Christopher Tate- the Tipwiki, To Ajay Hassani- a Nissan Leaf, To Jason Rantenen- a cross buster t-shirt, To Matthew- the best one liners, To Edison Hunyh- apologies for always calling you Newton, To the Saahajmahal- my best cow, To CJ Hannon- Captain of the All-Star team, To Abdulaziz- my Ultimate disc, To Nick Landers- a quiet room, To all of my RC’s- a huge thank you for great times, To all of my TA’s- a big thank you for great classes, To the Hitchcock twins- pi shirts , To all of my classes- an enormous thank you, To Ashley Cook- Skyley, To Chloe Roush- bubbliness, To Ryan Bloch- my dancing skills (and hope that you use them), To everyone else I forgot to mention- a massive thank you for everything that you have ever done for me.
#freegriffin #freeelias

Victor Zhao

I, Victor Zhao, of a C17H19NO3/NaCl body and a sarcastic, disapproving mind, leave the following plebs some stuff… To my RC group - my infinite sarcasm and disapproval, as well as one Victor-endorsed approval To RC Andrew - I leave the ability to play games other than Sim CityTo William Hitchcock - I leave my OP enchanted weapons and armor To Skyler Sprecker - I leave my skills at ranting To Christopher Tate - I leave my zero knowledge of the TIPWiki To Edison Huynh - I leave milk tea with salt and pepper, but without bubbles To Saahaj Mattey - I leave dissent for touching me To Maximus Ross - I leave my ability to generate chickens To Robin Kirk-Whitman - I leave my ability to code in Python To Nick Landers - I leave my ability to be a 4th year To William Mao - I leave my League of Legends skills To Brandon Chao - I leave a pair of flip-flops (to replace your other ones) To Ethan Hung - I leave my League of Legends skills To Alan the TA - I leave bananas and the ability to actually give detention To my class - I leave my salt and disapproval To Benedict Tong - I leave $1.75, as well as the ability to speak Mandarin

Christopher Tate

I, Christopher Tate, being of dedicated mind and somewhat sound body, hereby bequeath the following: to my fellow RAGmates: my appreciation for you all. I could not have asked for a better RAG. To My 414 Fam (Skyler, Will, and Victor): additional late night conversations.To Nick Landers: An Orange Lanyard. To RC Andrew: my technical know-how. And thanks for being perhaps the best RC I could have ever asked for. To Modern Programming:; “SCHEME!!!”; and my multiple malfunctioning computers. To David Hiser: a huge Thank You. For everything. And more MarI/O. To Mary Blanchard: incessant Hamilton references. To Annabelle Land: A Frisbee Protection Device. To CJ Hannan: I hereby officially bequeath the Black Magic Frisbee Team; carry it on well. To Scott Wise: “Dang...” To Rudra Gupta: a photo collage. To Peter Sloan: the following URLs: and To Katie Hitchcock: A Zulu Atlas 20-oz water bottle ($15 at Target) and the privilege of opening it. And gossip about Will. To everyone: my 300+ references to TIPWiki (I’m not letting it go...). To everyone: my riTIPulous puns, the good and the bad. To my EE class of West 2015 T1: BOOM. I miss you all. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. To Amar, Jennifer, Hannah, Tim, Brett, Joel, Andrew, Scott, and Rudra: THANK YOU. I am a better person because of you nine. To the TIP Administrative Staff, both on-campus and in the Main Office: My true, heartfelt appreciation for this program. (I’ll be back.) This has been the best nine weeks of my life.
“Bye, Bye,” says this TIPster with pride, took the highway back to NC; oh yes, I will cry. You good ol’ guys, yeah I have set you aside, saying THIS WILL BE A DAY I WON’T HIDE!

Saahaj Mattey

I Saahaj Mattey, of crazy mind and beautiful body hereby leave the following items; To Patrick and Sharill Maredia, I leave Sharill the Marill with his pokemon water powers; To Christopher Tate, I leave my very hoarse sounding voice (from when I lost it); To Mohammed, I leave McDonald's happy meal since you’ve never had one; To William Hitchcock, I leave my smile; To Katie Hitchcock, I leave my wallpaper that Nick took, and my reaction when you said you dropped my phone to the drain; To Alberto Quiroga (my T.A), I leave a spaceship, with the resources to be the first man on Mars; To Dr. Cordell, I leave appreciation of what you have done for me; To Maximus Ross, I leave the Maximus’s sword in the movie Gladiator; To Edison Huynh, I leave my detergent, formerly Elias’s; To Victor Zhao, I leave NaCl; To Alex Constantine, I leave the city of Constantinople; To Katie Layton, I leave Wyatt Johnson; To Wyatt Johnson, I leave Katie Layton; To Katie G- I leave the rolly chair; To Sonya Gorbunova - I leave a book; To Abdulaziz - I leave my dancing skills ; To Yasser - I leave a frisbee to showoff your skills; To Michael Cloer - I leave a bunch of sand to put down people’s shirts; To Cadence Tomlinson - I leave the feeling you get when I step on the back of your shoes; To Jacob Knapp - I leave Caramelldansen; To Chloe Roush - I leave an Airplane for you to fly when you get your license; To Skyler Sprecker - I leave my absence of TIPSync practice; To Spacecraft and Mission Design, I leave a rocket to send Dr. Cordell and Alberto to Mars; To DukeTIP and Every Tipster - I give you my Love and my Thanks for this amazing experience.