Gabe Crow

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Gabe Crow
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Campus(es) East
Attended East 2010
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Currently in a relationship Steve Wazny I'm so fired~Gabe every few minutes

Gabe Crow was one of the 2010 RCs responsible for housing the DHA KREW (pronounced Da-Ha Crew). He RCed 3rd years in Brown, 2nd floor and was known for having some B.A.M.F music, and playing FIFA/MW2 in his room while TiPsters were outside listening to his mad beats.

His fantastic fashion sense set him apart from other RCs and was pretty much the definition of "bro". He wore big t-shirts, athletic shorts, socks and adidas sandals along with matching brosef hats. He got his ear pierced at TiP (at Claire's!), much against the advice of some of the people he talked to, but it turned out fantastic. He is possibly the best DJ East has ever seen, and invented the fantastic "Rave Meant for the Pavement" dance theme, which will only be surpassed by the Jersey Shore theme in 2011 (WHICH IS HAPPENING GABE). Besides being a mad dance coordinator, he was a beastly emcee for the lip sync and Quadfest, and was rockin' the mic way more than any other RC-which was awesome. He lloves TiPsters a lot (probably more than is healthy for any person), and has fantastic conversations with TiPsters post-TiP, which they love every second of.

Term I, 2012, he was a 4th year RC. His boys were known to camp out in his room during freetime and watch him playing FIFA. Notably, he organized the evening activity "Hot Gossip Gabe," in which he read articles from to TIPsters who then discussed the matters at hand.

In Term II, 2012, Gabe(the babe) was adopted as the official mascot of some of . They would shout: "Gabe the Babe" whenever he was near. They also started Milk and Cookies With Gabe, an activity in which you wait until Gabe's Rag has left and then attack him with Milk and Cookies while asking him about his High and Low of the day. Gabe also attended several of Michelle's Rag meetings to do mini Hot Gossip with Gabe sessions. He is also the official Spirit RC of Amanda Nart.